Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 1 - 08th of April - The first day of our journey!

Aloha everyone! I'm excited to tell you a little story about our first day of Hawaii trip 2014.
It was a wonderful morning, birds were singing and sun was, just kidding, in Wisconsin (where lives your storyteller) all nature is still sleeping. But it was good course we were excited to meet old friends and make new ones. So most of us met in Milwaukee and then made few changes. Milwaukee- MLS/St Paul- LA- Honolulu. It was a very long day, but also a very fun one, we get to know each other much better. When we got to Honolulu we met with some other exchange students- new friends. Then we had time to eat and to hang out together. That was a great day and we all are excited for our journey! See you soon and have a wonderful day:)

P.S. Strange to realize that it was just one day and not all week.
(By Katy Podpovetnaia)

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