Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 4 - 11th of April - North Shore Tour and Polynesian Cultural Center

Today was The Bus Day for our group and Giulia's birthday, who just turned 17 years old. We met each others at 7:30 am in the lobby to go to Denny's. We had a really good breakfast (without coffee...) after which we walked less than 3 feet and stopped at an ABC Store (the only one in Hawaii!!!). Most of us were out of sunscreen or needed after sun burns lotion because we actually all look like tomatoes.
We met our bus driver a few blocks away and begun the tour in a yellow bus. The driver was really crazy and super funny. He still taught us a lot about those wonderful islands. We traveled during an hour before the first stop, where we bought some souvenirs and took a punch of pictures. We stopped a second time in another bigger store, where some of us were more interesting by the fruits than anything else. A few guys bought one big pineapple and carry it all day long, they actually treated it as their baby (exchange students are weird sometimes). Others learned how to say their names in Hawaiian. 
However we finally left without losing Bob! Our comic driver showed us a little village where we all found a place to have lunch. For sure some people walked all around the place to find a McDonald's and others just ate seafoods! We moved from this village direction a beach, where we again took pictures (with or without pineapple), had fun together and got wet because of the big waves. 
The last stop before coming back at the hotel was the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) where we learned a lot about the different islands and their cultures. We saw some guys climbing trees to get coconuts (Totally crazy.) and we played some music with bamboo's sticks. We were totally in our world over there around all these foreign people! We had dinner at that place too, pretty good food. We left around 7:30 pm after that everyone got their REAL tattoos (just kidding all were fake.). 
We drove home with another driver who made up a lot of jokes. Laughs were all around the bus and nobody were actually sleeping like we were dreaming of all day long. For Giulia's birthday we were allowed to go to the beach at night where we spend a good time together. Some of us stayed in the lobby that night too and the lazy ones went to bed earlier. The one in the lobby had a Hawaiian Ukulele concert which was a great time! That Friday was pretty tiring but really fun, everyone hope that Giulia had a nice birthday!

By Valentine,

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