Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 7 - 15th of April - Pearl Harbor and Luau

After a great day hiking Diamond Head, it was time for some history in one the most important places of Hawaii. Guess what? We went to Pearl Harbor. For those who do not know what that is, I will give a quick explanation. It as a memorial for the man who died in the surprise Japanese attack that lead America to enter WWII. It was a great experience to be in that place and pay the respect to those who gave their lives to protect the others. Even though they are not from our country, respect is the least you can give to a person who died for freedom. Heroes. In the afternoon, some more surfing in paradise; this time by ourselves. Although it was really hard, surfing is in its best in Hawaii, it was just great. At night, a Luau to end the trip in great style. It was just awesome. They had really fun games and some of our crew members(Otto and David) joined one of the shows. We got to learn how to do the “ULA” and throw spears at a target. Also, the dances, the drinks, the guy that played with fire. it was just WOW. But tomorrow it is time to leave, leave paradise, can you imagine? We had such a great time and it was awesome. Thank you Terra North America!!
Arthur Farias.

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