Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 3 - 10th of April - Hanauma Bay and Surfing Classes

Aloha guys!
Today is our third day in Hawaii island! We are having an amazing time here!
However it was really exhausting day, everybody love it! A lot of things happened.
After the breakfast we started exploring the island more!

During the trip to Hanauma Bay we enjoyed the breathtaking view of Hawaii and several beautiful fishes and turtles. After that we back to the hotel and we devided into 2 groups, the first group went at 2 o'clock for the surfing lessons and then the second group went at 3 o'clock, it was so much fun and we had 3 instructors that gave us special equipment like shoes and surf jerseys, which made us look pretty cool and most of us were able to stand on the board, then we had free time and we went for dinner at Teddy's Burguers and then to the hotel. What a happy day! :)

Nateenuch Putchantarawong (Punpun)
Stephanie Vinueza

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